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$419 million Cares Act is approved for Ohio's small businesses. What you need to know.

Posted Oct 27, 2020

On Monday, the Ohio Controlling Board approved a $419 million Cares Act package. Read More

How Do We Navigating Our Businesses Through This Uncertain Future?

Posted Oct 22, 2020

Gateway Business Group presents 2 new webinars to answer this question and more. Read More

GBG Membership Extended!

Posted Oct 22, 2020

Gateway Business Group Membership has been extended until March 2021. Read More

3 Words We Must Always Remember According to Robert Frost

Posted Oct 21, 2020

Being a small business owner requires mental toughness and perseverance. Read More

Attention Business Owners. There is No Going Back!

Posted Oct 21, 2020

Waiting for the business environment to return to normal is a poor strategy. Read More

Relief Funds. How the Clark County CARES Grant Program Can Help Your Small Business

Posted Oct 15, 2020

Does your small business need cash? Capital is available for qualified small businesses in Clark County. Learn more. Read More

1 Way Covid-19 Influences Consumer Behavior

Posted Oct 14, 2020

Covid-19 has radically changed consumer buying habits. Read More

Information. One Key to Agility and Profitability

Posted Oct 05, 2020

Knowing where to find the information you need is the key to profitability and agility for your small business. Read More

Three Work Benefits Millennials Desire More Than A High Salary.

Posted Oct 05, 2020

Hiring in today's environment is always a challenge. In this post, we share three key benefits millennials care about. Read More