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Whole Food Nutrition, JuicePlus+

The JuicePlus+ Co. maker of the whole food capsules, JuicePlus+, is a debt-free forty plus (45+) year old Company which has kept the current President, Jay Martin, in the driver’s seat. Since the beginning. JuicePlus+ was based on a simple premise. People weren’t eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ was designed to help people “bridge the gap” (for Twenty (25+) Years) between what they should eat, and what they do eat, every day. JuicePlus+ is the most thoroughly researched nutritional capsule in the world to back our statement “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables”. The Trio Blend (Fruit, Veggie and Berry) capsules or chewables are three of seven products that supports our slogan “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”.

Featuring another phenomenal product from The JuicePlus+ Co. The Tower Garden, which falls right in line with “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”!! Tower Garden is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It is perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces, just about any relatively sunny place outside. And just last year (2019) a "Home" Tower Garden was introduced, which fits nicely in your kitchen or side room. This is ideal for growing fresh greens of all types year round. My new "Home" Wellness Garden is featured on this page.

Visit my website at and learn more of this unique whole food nutrition, fromThe JuicePlus+ Co.

The Home Wellness Garden