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How to Triple Your Sales Productivity

Posted Jun 02, 2021



There’s a hidden weight dragging down the bottom line of every business.

We see it every day. Studies reveal 92% of companies have ineffective, incomplete, or non-existent sales process. Or worse, sales processes that their salespeople don’t follow. The need for understanding your sales process is more important when years are tough because it forces us to become smarter and more efficient about how we market and sell our products and services.

Follow these important steps to improve your sales productivity:

1. Know Where You Are.

“People respect what you inspect.” Chet Holmes cleverly said. This is a very simple concept, and yet you’d be shocked at how many companies have little understanding of their true numbers. Here’s a case study to show you the power of understanding your data:

We had a client with a sales floor full of salespeople. We built a tracker that would post how many cold calls each person had made every two hours. In one week, this simple act of posting the number of calls for each salesperson tripled the amount of cold calls the team was making. It created a natural competitiveness that was also fun.

Keep in mind that your organization’s performance must be monitored. Tracking metrics, setting benchmarks for improvement, and evaluating them regularly makes it easier to boost morale and adjust to reach your goals.

If you’d like some assistance from our 30-year learning curve of diagnosing businesses, we’ve put together a gift for you to identify where you are and find hidden pockets of money. Take advantage of our Ultimate Sales Machine Opportunity Assessment here.

2. Have a well-defined sales process.

Every sales trainer on the planet will give you steps to the sale. We at Chet Holmes International train companies on the 7 Steps to the Sale as taught in our flagship New York Times Best Seller “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” which explains these 7 steps:

  1. Establish rapport (trust and respect)
  2. Find need
  3. Build value
  4. Create desire
  5. Overcome objections
  6. Close sale
  7. Follow up

Do you have each step to the sales process thought through with scripts? Ebooks? Memes? Infographics? PLEASE NOTE: Most companies put all their time and energy focused on the back end, the last two steps of the sale.

HOWEVER, studies of the best salespeople indicated they actually flip the pyramid upside down and spend most of their time establishing rapport. Once they do that, the close of the sale becomes much easier.

If you haven’t looked at your steps to the sale in a while, we recommend going back to the basics to get your foundation as strong as possible for the next 12 months to take flight.

3. Choose a Superstar Team

Research reports 3 out of 4 salespeople are ineffective. Twenty percent barely make the grade meaning only 6% of sales reps could be considered sales superstars. Do you have sales superstars? Watch this video to see if you’ve hired the right team and how to attract more top producers. Typically in a group of 10 salespeople, it's very common to have just two superstars producing 80% of the revenue while the other 8 produce 20%. What if you had only superstars? Imagine how quickly you could double your sales.

In Summary

Building a highly productive sales machine isn’t about doing 4,000 things. It’s more about doing 12 things 4,000 times. Use these 3 important tips to guide you in your approach to running your own highly efficient sales team.